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3 Days Training Programme on "Bioinformatics & Computational Biology" from 27th to 29th May 2019.
   Bioinformatics is the science of storing, retrieving and analysing large amounts of biological  information. It is a highly interdisciplinary field involving many different types of specialists, including biologists, molecular life scientists, computer scientists and mathematicians. The term bioinformatics was coined by Paulien Hogeweg and Ben Hesper to describe "the study of informatic processes in biotic systems" and it found early use when the first biological sequence data began to be shared.
The area requires highly trained human resource to deal molecular biology issues with the application of computer and software tools.

   DBT has launched a new scheme under its BTISnet in the year 2006-07, namely Development of Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facilities (BIF) to promote innovation in Biology Teaching through Bioinformatics (BTBI). Through this scheme, eightyone educational institutions were extended Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facilities and other  supports which including computers and communication infrastructure, softwares, databases and training resources. Twenty six Bioinformatics Centres are functioning in North Eastern Region of India and these have been networked as "North Eastern Bioinformatics Network (NEBInet)".. These institutions are quite active in pursuing biotechnology with the support of bioinformatics. More than 900 important e-Journals of Biotechnology are made available to  reserachers in NEBInet institutions. NEBInet through for accessing to the researchers, students, teachers etc. of this region.

    BIF D. M. College of Science is one of the centres which runs the DBT program “Biology and Biotechnology Teaching through Bioinformatics” as its aim.The scheme is designed to expose scientists, teachers and students to the use of bioinformatics in solving hard core biological problems. The centres use lecture materials, video clippings, demonstrations, tutorials and online facilities for teaching. Hundred and one educational institutions have so far been supported under this scheme and some more are in the pipeline.

   DBT e-Library Consortium (DeLCON) is a unique Electronic Journal Consortium which is operational since January 2009. Currently the Consortium includes 17 DBT Institutions including ICGEB, New Delhi and 18 North Eastern Region (NER) Institutions. The Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), New Delhi is also part of DeLCON. Now, the total 'DeLCON Members' are 35. A total of 1000 selective Journals and a Database (SCOPUS) are covered under DeLCON. All these  are accessible by the DeLCON Consortium Members through the DeLCON Portal All these  are accessible by the DeLCON Consortium Members through the DeLCON Portal ( Others can also view and access abstracts of papers as free of costs.